It is important to organize multiple PBIS schools district–wide so that a common vision, language, and experience are established. This approach allows districts to improve the efficiency of resource use, implementation efforts, and organizational management.

Lynwood Unified School District is committed to a social culture of student academic and behavior success. We make PBIS a priority; our district –wide PBIS objective is a comprehensive large-scale implementation of PBIS across all campuses. To reinforce and enhance our PBIS messaging school-wide we called upon Partners In Learning to create a customized visual support package for each school. PIL was much more than creative; they are professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with and brought the entire 18-school project to completion on time and within budget. We are thrilled with the results!Maribel Martinez
Lynwood District PBIS Coordinator

Have a unified message: Every teacher, faculty member and student in your district should be
aware of your overarching PBIS culture of your district—and have some buy-in to that message.
Having a unified front will allow you to stay on message and continue telling your district’s story in positive ways.

As you begin to formulate your district-wide PBIS branding and messaging plan, contact us to
provide school-wide ideas, eye-catching graphic solutions and customized package options tailored for all PBIS budgets.
Contact us soon... We will look forward to hearing from you and working with your district and school delivery teams.

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